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    Autobell Global

    Hyundai Glovis's Used Car Marketplace,
    Autobell Global!

    Welcome to Autobell Global,
    your trusted partner in the world of used car exports.
    Autobell Global is proudly brought to you by Hundai Glovis,
    a distinguished member of the prestigious Hyundai Motor Group.
    With a rich heritage in the automotive industry,
    we are dedicated to connecting global buyers with top-quality used
    vehicles from South Korea.

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    Our Mission & Core Services

    At Autobell Global, our mission is to seamlessly connect buyers with quality used vehicles, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free experience. We are
    committed to providing unparalleled services, including comprehensive vehicle inspection, warranty coverage, and efficient shipping solutions.

      High-Quality Vehicles

    • Exporting premium used cars to four
      regions (Middle East, Latin America,
      Africa, CIS) with excellent quality
    • Hyundai Glovis certification service with
      a thorough 101-point inspection by
      maintenance experts

      Customer-Centric Services

    • Tailored export consultation by country
      from local experts in the used car
      market (English, Arabic, Spanish,
      Russian, etc.)
    • Regular shipping services utilizing a
      global logistics network

      Specialized Used Car Export Platform

    • One-stop total service from vehicle
      inquiry, purchase to logistics
    • Convenient vehicle purchase support
      through a dedicated call center

    Our Facilities & Auction

    The Heart of Used Cars, Autobell

    Autobell operates the largest and most reputable auto auction market in Korea, making it the central hub through which much of Korean used
    cars pass. Backed by the Hyundai Glovis infrastructure, the number of entries exceeded 1.5 million, setting a record for the first time in Korea.

    Autobell Auction Center

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    20+ years

    Since started business in 2001


    Share of domestic auction market

    *based on the number of entries


    Members of used car dealers

    1.5 Million

    Accumulated number of auction entries


    Average number of entries per month

    Incheon Export Center

    Large Car Yard

    Our expansive car yard provides a secure and organized space to
    showcase a diverse array of vehicles, ensuring a comprehensive
    selection for our global buyers.

    Pre-shipment Inspection

    At Autobell Global, quality is paramount. Our Incheon Export Center
    is equipped for rigorous pre-shipment inspections, guaranteeing
    that every vehicle meets our stringent standards before it embarks
    on its journey to a new owner.

    What makes Autobell Korea so special?

    Visit Autobell Korea

    Accessible Nationwide with 4 Auction Centers

    AutoBell Auction House operates in four locations: Siheung, Incheon,
    Bundang, and Yangsan, allowing easy access from anywhere in Korea.

    Daily Auctions Nationwide - Participate Anytime, Anywhere

    Auctions are held every day, every week. This allows participants to engage
    effortlessly from anywhere, anytime, using their smartphones or PCs.

    Innovative Smart Auction System

    Our Smart Auction System incorporates cutting-edge AR technology. It
    provides clear insights into a vehicle's displacement, performance check
    results, and comprehensive review of accident history.

    Why Autobell Global?

    Quality Assurance

    Every vehicle listed on Autobell Global undergoes a
    rigorous 101 inspection process to ensure it meets the
    highest standards of quality and reliability.

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    Warranty Service

    We stand behind the vehicles we offer. Autobell Global
    provides warranty services to give you peace of mind,
    ensuring that your purchase is protected.

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    Global Reach

    As a part of Hundai Glovis, Autobell Global leverages a
    vast global network to facilitate smooth and secure
    international shipping. No matter where you are, we
    ensure your vehicle reaches you safely and promptly.

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    Meet Our Expert Team

    At Autobell Global, we take pride in our team of expert professionals, ready to assist you at every step of your journey.

    Overseas Sales

    Our experienced overseas sales representatives are dedicated to understanding your preferences and
    guiding you through the car selection and purchasing process.

    Woo Hyeok Gwon


    Seongyoul Son

    Middle East &Africa

    Minkyu Seol

    Middle East &Africa

    Debora Kim

    Latin America

    Hyunwoo Son

    Latin America

    Customer Support

    Need assistance or have questions? Our customer support center is here to provide timely and helpful
    responses, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.


    English, Russian,

    Claudia Almeida


    Markus Bienst

    Platform Operation

    Behind the scenes, our platform operation specialists work tirelessly to maintain a secure, user-friendly, and
    efficient online environment for your convenience.

    Dong Jun Jang

    Byung Kyu Kim

    Sujin Jo

    Shipping & Logistics

    From customs clearance to timely delivery, our Shipping & Logistics specialists handle the intricacies of
    international transportation to get your vehicle to you hassle-free.

    Soo Hyun Kim

    Seo Yoon Park

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    Ready to explore the world of used car exports with Autobell Global?
    Connect with us today to experience the reliability, transparency, and excellence that set us apart in the industry.

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