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Feb 24,
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    Launching AutoBell Global
    Warranty Service

    All vehicles under 15 years and 300,000 km
    are covered without additional cost!

    Maximum coverage
    Up to $2,000 or within 20% of the FOB amount


    Vehicles purchased from AUTOBELL GLOBAL
    (excludes coverage for vehicles over 15 yrs old, over 300,000km and totaled, flooded, or welded vehicles)
    Only for vehicles received within 7 days of arrival (after D/O is issued)

    Compensation process

    1. 1 Take photos or
      videos of the problem
    2. 2 Contact CS center
    3. 3 Wait for a reply from AutoBell Global (within 3 business days)
    4. 4 Fill out the settlement
    5. 5 Compensation completed

    ※ Please note, for container transport cases, videos and photos at the time of container opening must be included.

    Warranty coverage for damage during container shipping is NOT applicable for:
    • High-power/high-value vehicles
    • Non-Korean-brand vehicles
    • Loads exceeding Hyundai Glovis Standard Load amount

    For other cases, proof of damage, supported by video footage from container opening to vehicle inspection, MUST be provided to qualify for warranty coverage. Without such evidence, damage claims will NOT be covered.

    Warranty item