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    Logistics Business

    We provide one-stop logistics service using an efficient network and high-tech systems.

    From logistics transportation to storage, handling, and consulting in and out of Korea, the competitive high-tech logistics system of HYUNDAI GLOVIS and its efficient network of expert personnel provide one-stop service for the logistics industry.

    • Sea

      564,409 Teu

      (as of December 2022)
    • Air

      49,795 Ton

      (as of December 2022)
    • Export & import
    • Packaging, custom clearance, transportation & storage based on global network & info system
    • Vehicle Logistics
    • Transportation of complete vehicles, quality inspection, decoration & harbor loading & unloading
    • Parts Logistics
    • Supplying parts necessary for production of complete vehicles, including lease of logistics machinery
    • Bulk Logistics
    • Logistics for large volume of heavy weight cargo & conducting projects for overseas basic industries
    • General Logistics
    • Integrated logistics service for customers of various industries such as cars, steel & chemicals
    • Special Logistics
    • Supporting logistical innovation & efficiency for special products & military goods

    Shipping Business

    As Korea’s dominant shipping company sailing all around the world, HYUNDAI GLOVIS leads the global shipping market.

    Hyundai Glovis satisfies our clients with transportation services covering all range of cargo from transportation of complete vehicles, used cars, and construction equipment to crude oil, coal, and iron ores.
    • Vehicle Transportation

      (as of December 2022)

      3.17M Units

    • Bulk cargo transportation

      (as of December 2022)

      44.05M Ton

    • PCTC’s

      (as of December 2022)


    • Bulk carriers

      (as of December 2022)


    • Complete Vehicles / Special Cargo Transportation
    • With our PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier) and cooperation between headquarters and overseas branches, we maximize customer satisfaction and develop various sea routes. HYUNDAI GLOVIS provides 3PL services for various automobile manufacturers including GM, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, expanding the service portion of 3PL.. It also transports heavy equipment for construction, buses, and trains through PCTC.

    • Bulk Transportation
    • With extensive experience in shipping all kinds of freight including iron ore, coal and crude oil, we provide optimal logistic service to preemptively deal with customer demands.

    • Terminal Operation
    • By operating domestic terminals dedicated to car carriers, we have established an integrated vehicle logistics system ranging from land transportation to in/outbound logistics and to ocean transportation. We also continue to invest in improving our capabilities of ocean transportation of vehicles by, for example, opening an automobile export/import yard of one million square meters in the Port of Philadelphia located on the East US Coast and Securing a dedicated shipment space through forming a joint venture in the Port of Bremerhaven in Germany.