About Glovis

Hyundai Glovis - Global Used Car Trading Leader

As part of Hyundai Motor’s Group, we specialize in global used car trading, being biggest car auction player and global top-tier vehicle transportation company in Korea. With our expertise in the domestic market, we are now expanding our distribution network from Korea to Asia, Middle East, Russia/CIS, Europe, and America.

Korea’s No.1 player in used-car industry

  • Biggest used car player in Korea with three(3) auction houses, annual handling volume reaching 90,000 units
  • Has been handling over 1 mil. units over the past 20 years
  • Responding to foreign customer’s needs with the best price and quality based on "Before-Auction" process

Regional Expertise

  • With our global network of 71 offices overseas, we provide immediate and customized response to our customer’s needs
  • Regional experts corresponding to customers, providing detailed inspection results, photos and videos in line with each market’s trend characteristics

Quality & Reliability

  • Providing integrated service from inspection to re-conditioning from "Glovis used-car export center" which is an exclusive area located in Incheon, Korea
  • Has been handling over 1 mil. units over the past 20 years
  • Applying more than 60 inspection criteria customized to suit global standard, adding to our experience and data accumulated from the domestic market

Export & Logistics Expertise

  • Offering the optimized ocean shipping services with the world’s leading PCC(Pure car carrier) fleet of about 80 vessels
  • Ensuring precise and cost-efficient ocean shipping service with years of experience in export, shipping and logistics(shipping record of 3.18 million complete vehicles in 2019)
  • capable of providing all types of transportation including in-land freight, according to the customer’s needs