About Glovis



HYUNDAI GLOVIS, a global logistics and distribution company, provides the best service in logistics, shipping, knock down, used car sales and trading businesses. Continuously nurturing top experts in logistics and distribution industry along with cutting edge IT system, our company has achieved steady growth every year. As a global top-tier company, HYUNDAI GLOVIS is fulfilling its responsibilities by continuously investing in infrastructures and conducting socially responsible activities.
  • Logistics
    We provide integrated third party logistics services such as transportation, storage / loading and unloading, international logistics, logistics equipment leasing and packing services to customers in various industries including automobiles, steel, chemicals, distribution, industrial materials and food.
  • Shipping
    We provide the best finished car and bulk transportation services through continuous development of the route and expansion of the network.
  • KD
    We raise the competitiveness of the domestic auto industry By supplying auto parts to overseas finished car factories.
  • Trading
    We create a new trading market based on unrivaled logistics and distribution competitiveness.
  • Used Car
    We lead the advancement of used car distribution market through the operation of the largest used car auction house in Korea.